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Milwaukee Area Psychological Association.

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Greetings MAPA Members and Friends,

It has been my pleasure to work collaboratively with our local community of psychologists and all of the dedicated MAPA board members over the last eight years. It is also my pleasure to announce that as of 2016 MAPA will be guided by new leadership, and Dr. David Drapes will serve as President. This organization will move forward with new energy and in exciting new directions. MAPA will continue to advocate for and work closely with our local psychology community. I confidently and enthusiastically support this transition and look forward to the advancements that MAPA will make in the future. I encourage you to stay connected and involved and to support MAPA as an organization. Be sure to scroll down for information directly from Dr. Drapes.

Best wishes to all of you for a succssful 2016!

Lori Pyter, Psy.D.


MAPA Members,

I am honored and excited to be the new President of the Milwaukee Area Psychological Association. I am eagerly looking forward to 2016. The new executive board has some innovative ideas for the New Year. However, we are mindful of MAPA's long history, started in 1952, and hope to return to some of our roots that focused on collegial sharing of ideas and in-depth discussions of the amazing field of Psychology. I will be sending out a detailed letter in January with the specifics about MAPA's 2016 schedule of ongoing offerings and to highlight the unveiling of our new interactive website. I thoroughly expect 2016 to be a lively, fun, and intellectually stimulating renaissance year for the Milwaukee Area Psychological Association.

MAPA is always in need of volunteers. If you are interested in helping or just have some comments, concerns or questions, you can e-mail me at or text me at

414-931-1355. I hope to meet as many of the MAPA members as possible in the forthcoming year!

Happy Holidays!

David Drapes, Ph.D.